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Moving Rates

Hourly Rate

Hourly Rates: You hire the number of movers you want to accomplish your goals and pay for their time. Movers come equipped with professional moving gear including various dollies and moving blankets. Free use of our cargo van with trailer is included, but it must be driven by a Dirt Cheap Mover worker. Large moving trucks are subject to additional charges at current rental prices plus mileage and fuel costs. More information on moving vehicles we use can be found here. Hourly Rate charges begin when the movers have arrived at the pick-up location, offloaded their equipment and are ready to begin working. Charges continue from this point until the job is completed, including blanket folding and equipment loadout. Hourly Rates are prorated down to the minute. Hourly Rates are as follows:

Movers Cash Discount Debit Card Discount Credit Card
1 mover $65 per hour $68 per hour $68 per hour
2 or more movers $45 per hour, each mover $47 per hour, each mover $47 per hour, each mover

Hourly Rate Reservations: To book an Hourly Rate move, simply text or call us anytime day or night at (714) 342-0669 and provide the following:

  • Your contact information.
  • The pick up and delivery addresses.
  • The date and time you want to move.
  • How many movers you want to hire.
  • What type of moving vehicle you need.
  • Which discount programs you wish to take advantage of (scroll down).

Please be sure to read our FAQs.

Minimum Charges

This policy affects Hourly Rate moves only. Dirt Cheap Mover is located in Corona, California. Customer moves that start and / or end more than 30 miles from Corona are subject to a 3 hour minimum hourly rate charge for each mover hired. Flat Rate moves, using our Instant Quote and Reservation System, are calculated based upon a charge for each individual item being moved and thus are unaffected by this policy.

Flat Rate

Flat Rate Not To Exceed Quotations are based on a charge to move each item. Customers can control the exact cost of their move by specifying only which items they want moved. All charges, including vehicles, equipment and labor are included in the quote. The total cost of a Flat Rate Not To Exceed Quote is guaranteed in writing. When paying for a Flat Rate move by credit card or debit card, payment must be made in advance to insure acceptance. Please visit our "Instant Quote" page to get started.

Discounts and Free Programs!

➜ Cash Discount

  • Both Hourly and Flat Rates are cheaper when you pay in cash.

➜ The Helper Blanketing Discount Program

  • Flat Rate Not To Exceed Quotations: Customer provides up to 3 of their adult friends or family members to help us put moving blankets on the furniture at pickup and to remove and fold them at delivery. We will deduct 2%, per helper, per pickup and delivery, off all of your items prices. The maximum discount available with this program, with maximum participation, is 12% off item charges. Helpers must be available at all times during the pickup and / or delivery.

  • Hourly Rate: Customers may use as many or as few qualifying participants as they want to help with blanketing, for as little or as much time as they want. Assisting us will help finish the move sooner resulting in a lowered cost. Not a discount per se, but you'll still save money.
  • To qualify, all participants must be:

  • Minimum 18 years of age.
  • Physically fit and free of health related issues.
  • Disclaimer: Dirt Cheap Mover is not responsible for injuries to non-employed helpers incurred during the moving process. Anyone participating in The Helper Blanketing Discount Program does so at their own risk.

➜ Free Cargo Van and Free 16' Trailer

  • Save money with our free cargo van with or without the padded 16' custom moving trailer. No fuel nor mileage charge. Arrives fully stocked to move anything! The cargo van can carry up to 90 banker boxes. Can carry much more than you think. 1,051 cubic feet of cargo or a fully loaded 10'x16' storage unit or a fully loaded 2 bedroom home! 65% of the volume of the large truck!

➜ The Mostly Free Blanket Buyback Program

  • Moving your things into temporary storage? Want to keep your furniture blanket wrapped? Simply provide us with a deposit for the blankets and rubber bands. If you want to save money on your deposit, you can use stretch wrap instead. See the images below for prices. When it's time to move your items out of storage, we will refund 75% of the deposit paid for the blankets and rubber bands that are returned.

➜ The Free Carpeting Program

  • As an added bonus, if you take advantage of our Mostly Free Blanket Buyback Program, we will carpet the floor of the storage unit, garage, shed, container or rental truck for no additional charge!

All moving blankets are 6 feet x 6 feet regardless of grade.

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