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Frequently Asked Questions

Click each question to reveal / hide the answer. For questions not covered here please contact us.

Answer: Due to many factors we cannot control such as changes to a prior move, weather, equipment and traffic conditions, Dirt Cheap Mover's scheduled arrival times are approximate. You can be sure we always do our best to be punctual, and we maintain communication with our customers to advise them if we'll be early or late. The assigned foreman's contact information will be provided to you for your convenience.

Answer: Yes. Our license number is CAL T 189860, required by the State of California, through the California Public Utilities Commission. We have $50,000 of cargo insurance plus $750,000 of public and private liability insurance as required by law.

Answer: Yes. Dirt Cheap Mover gives customers the option of Hourly Rates or "Not To Exceed" Flat Rate quotes. Customers choose which of the two options best fits their needs and budget. Please visit our Rates Section for more information.

Answer: Charges do not begin until workers have arrived at the origin (pick-up location). Charges continue from this point until the job is completed or the customer decides they are finished using the hired workers. Hourly Rates are prorated down to the minute. We do not charge for our workers meal periods, nor do we charge Double Drive Time.

Answer: No. We are not licensed to move outside of California.

Answer: Dirt Cheap Mover has been in business since 2003. We hope you'll be impressed to know that 90% of our business is from repeat customers.

Answer: All moves, by California law, receive a free insurance policy of $0.60 per pound, per article. You may obtain additional insurance if this is not enough through a licensed insurance agent, broker, homeowners or rental insurance policy. All moves include an Important Information Booklet issued by the CPUC (CA Public Utilities Commission) for those moving within California.

Answer: We have available 26' enclosed box trucks with hydraulic lifts and a 3/4 ton cargo van which can pull a 16' long padded trailer. More information on the vehicles we use can be found in our Vehicles section.

Answer: Yes. We have several programs designed to help save you money. Details can be found in our Discounts section.

Answer: Items with a dark or high gloss finish, glass items, leather covered items, items with sharp edges or corners, expensive items, fine painted surfaces and appliances should always be blanket wrapped when being moved.

Answer: In order for us to maintain our efficiency, and thus super low quotations, we require that all packing is completed prior to our arrival, not during our arrival. Packing services available upon request. please note:

  • We will be loading your boxed items first so please have all box flaps closed and taped.
  • All electronic equipment (receivers, game consoles, radios) wrapped and packed into boxes.
  • Bundle the electrical cords on large unboxed electrical appliances and equipment such as refrigerators, washers and dryers.
  • Light bulbs, harps and lamp shades should be removed from lamps and placed into boxes since they damage easily.
  • Have all pets and small children secured so they stay safe.
  • We do not disconnect or reconnect any utilities. Please disconnect prior to our arrival. This includes cable, DVR, stereo components, misc. electrical, gas, water, dryer vent and ice maker lines.
  • Please insure utilities are working at all moving locations prior to the movers arrival. This includes electricity for lights and to power our tools, working air conditioning or heating based on weather, running water so we can keep our hands clean or to use the toilet.
  • IMPORTANT! Please have your driveway and street in front of the pickup location free of any vehicles prior to our arrival.
  • For everyones safety, please temorarily disable automatic lawn sprinkler systems the night before your move, wherever possible.
  • Customer must obtain secure legal parking for our moving vehicles, including any required permits. Please do not ask us to park in Red Zones, No Parking Zones, in front of fire hydrants or to double park.

Answer: Moving is a difficult job for both the customer and hired mover, so we prefer to offer our moving services to:

  • Customers that do not have other events planned the same day as their move. Rushing to complete the job will compromise everyones safety.
  • Customers that allow for scheduling flexibility on the day of their move due to changing weather, traffic and working conditions.
  • Customers who are gracious enough to run their air conditioning on hot days while we work even though doors are open.
  • Customers that have working electricity, water and lighting during the time of their move. Utilities are indespensible to us in completing our job.
  • Customers who cover / protect valuable floor surfaces or carpets prior to our arrival will help expedite the moving process.
  • Customers who have resolved issues relating to Domestic Violence before we arrive. We won't expose our workers to abusive or violent confrontations.

Answer: No. Dirt Cheap Mover does not provide any packing supplies but we do have an excellent relationship with a very inexpensive moving supplier based in Corona. They sell new and used moving boxes of different sizes, designed for moving all types of household items, including hard to find box sizes for large or irregular shaped objects, wardrobe boxes and heavy duty double walled cardboard boxes. In addition, they sell moving blankets, mattress bags, packing paper, bubble wrap and tape. Contact: Craig at (951) 258-8305.

Answer: Yes. We will, to the best of our ability, disassemble and reassemble furniture such as beds, dressers with mirrors, table legs, entertainment centers, desks and other items using standard tools. We cannot guarantee to have every type and size tool needed for every situation. On rare occasions, customers may need to provide necessary tools to accomplish a certain task. Customers are responsible to provide "specialty" tools for custom made and exotic items. We will remove most things from your walls, but we do not reinstall to walls.

Answer: You have 3 payment options:

  1. CASH DISCOUNT! Please have cash ready beforehand so we're not delayed to our next job. If we must wait for you to go to the bank you will be charged for the time.
  2. DEBIT CARDS or CREDIT CARDS We accept Debit Cards and the following Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.
  3. CHECKS We only accept checks from California based Business Banking accounts. Checks returned for insufficient funds are subject to a $12 fee. We do not accept personal checks.
Payment cards

Answer: No. Dirt Cheap Mover does not require a deposit but, as already mentioned, Credit Card or Debit Card payments must be completed prior to the start of work to insure acceptance for customers choosing a Flat Rate move. This does not apply to customers choosing an Hourly Rate.

Answer: No. There is no cancellation charge. We simply cancel your reservation. Just notify us by calling (714) 342-0669. We'll cancel your reservation or you may reschedule if you desire. Almost all moving companies charge for cancellations, we never do. This excellent customer service is one reason why we have so many repeat customers.

Answer: Yes. We will move upright pianos but we do not move Grand or Baby Grand pianos.

Answer: Yes. Normal hourly rates apply for packing services. Please visit our rates page for details. Packaging materials, if requested, are provided at our cost.

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